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4374 Bedell Rd.   Berlin Center, OH 44401

About Us

Lake Milton Fish & Game Club was established in 1933 for the purpose of promoting, preserving, improving and advancing conditions and habitate favorable to the conservation of wildlife and natual resources and to encourage and advance good sportsmanship.

Lake Milton Fish & Game Club consists of 89 acres of mostly wooded land, with a 6 acre pond. While it is named Lake Milton Fish & Game Conservation Club it actually physically sits between Lake Milton and Berlin reservoir in Berlin Center.

Membership is limited to 60 regular members with unlimited retired & junior members. Children of club members who turn 16 years of age may apply to become a junior member. They do not have required work hours during their junior membership but it looks favorable if they attend and help with the tasks associated at events hosted by the club. After a junior member turns 18 years of age, they are 'preferred' over other applicants to fill an open membership slot when they become available. Lake Milton Fish & Game Club holds only a few applications 'in waiting' for a membership slot to become available.

Lake Milton Fish & Game Club is not currently taking any applications for new members.

The club holds two meetings per month: the second and last Thursdays of each month. The Annual meeting is their "election meeting" held the last meeting of January. Club dues are required to be paid prior to the start of the first meeting in January.

2017 Officers:

President:   John Donithan
Vice-President:  Ron Miller
Treasurer:  Earl Fisher
Assistant-Treasurer:  Clarence Pontius
Secretary:  Ken Pontius
Assistant-Secretary:  Glenn Fear
Trustees (3):   Dick Puz
Tom Stanley
Larry Elkins

Conservation Pledge

I give my pledge as
      an American,
To save and faithfully defend
 from waste,
the Natural Resources
  of my country;
It's air,
  and minerals;
It's forests,
  and wildlife.

Club Memberships

Lake Milton Fish & Game Club is a member in good standing to the following organizations:

Club Committees

Committees are for member participation. Give back to a club that offers you fun activities throughout the year. Committee list for signup is available at the club.

Archery     Kitchen
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Archery League     Ways & Means
Annual Shoot-Off     Members Trap Shoot
Earth Day     Family Cook Out
Federation     Grounds & Planting
Optimist Club Fishing Derby     Rifle Match Shoots
Hooked on Fishing     House
Hunter Safety Classes     Turkey Shoot
Kitchen - Meeting Nights     Lake & Ducks
Pheasants     Pop Machine
Rifle Range     Trap Shoot